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April 20, 2018


Compliance with Global Anti-Corruption Laws

CB&I has an established policy regarding compliance with anti-corruption laws and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the United States of America.

Compliance Hotline

CB&I has established a confidential telephone hotline that is available to all CB&I employees, shareholders and others to report suspected misconduct. At any time, anyone may also report a concern or complaint regarding CB&I's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing practices through this hotline directly to the Audit Committee of the Company's Supervisory Board. In addition, you may use the hotline if you have any concerns that you wish to make known to CB&I's non-management directors. To reach the Compliance Hotline:

For callers from the U.S., Canada and the Caribbean:

Dial 1-866-235-5687 (toll-free).

For international callers:

From the United Kingdom, dial 0800-587-1047; from Australia, dial 1-800-98-7713; from Colombia, dial 01800-5-1-81120; from Netherlands, dial 0800-022-2493; from Peru, dial 0800-52627; from Singapore, dial 800-110-1460; from Saudi, dial 800-844-6984; from U.A.E., dial 8000-444-0538 and from Venezuela, dial 0800-1-00-2128. From Dubai and all other international locations, access an international operator and ask to place an international collect call to the United States. Ask the operator to dial 1-866-235-5687. The call will be placed to the Compliance Hotline.

The CB&I Compliance Hotline is staffed by a live operator from an outside company, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Calls may be made anonymously. Concerns and complaints will be referred to the appropriate areas within the Company or to the Audit Committee or non-management directors, based on the nature of the call, and will be investigated promptly.

Insider Trading Policy

CB&I has an established policy regarding prohibition of insider trading.

NYSE: CBI 14.59
Change: -0.32 -2.15% )
Volume: 1,909,819
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